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Ready to grow your business? Our top-producing, award-winning sales staff are ready
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Ready to grow your business? Our top-producing, award-winning sales staff are ready to help.
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Lead Generation

We assist clients with lead generation services in a few ways, using inbound and outbound techniques, or a combination of both. Our lead generation assessment involves determining how many leads you need to close a sale. Leads are classified as those prospects that have demonstrated an interest in your products or services. We call leads and qualify them and pass them to you for follow-up.

Our inbound lead generation programs involve a combination of strategies using email marketing using our proprietary e-mail databases, direct mail campaigns, internet search engine strategies and social media outreach. Our social media efforts can use LinkedIn, other B2B social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and videos that draw attention to your product or service offering. We write the sales conversion content to move a prospect to action. Those leads that have expressed interest are further qualified via an outbound call.

When prospects respond through one of these methods, we connect with them on that media channel and have a phone call/email discussion to qualify them for your service or product. This results in a “highly qualified lead”. These leads are provided to you for follow-up or we can move them along the sales pipeline for you.

Our outbound lead generation techniques can also involve using some of our inbound marketing strategies to get prospects to demonstrate interest through some sort of action item (completing an on-line form, responding to an offer). We will follow-up with those prospects using our inside sales teams who will make the calls to get an appointment, if required.

When an inbound marketing strategy is not an option, we will utilize our inside sales teams to make calls to a list of targeted prospects that have a high propensity to be interested in your product or service. Our teams will call on that list, get to the decision maker and pre-qualify their interest in speaking with you or your sales rep about your services or products. That lead is then funneled into your sales channel.

Through this “push-pull” lead generation process we create many “highly qualified” leads for our clients. Our sales teams are able to identify and qualify top prospects within a particular geographic market. Through this process, we are able to effectively identify and generate opportunities, nurture the lead and then distribute it accordingly to your organization.

If your organization has “Top Gun” closers and they need more qualified leads, to get appointments, and close the sale, we can help.

Cold-calling, inbound lead generation efforts or following up with cold sales prospects can occupy valuable time for your highly paid and successful sales reps. If you can provide them with qualified leads that are interested in speaking with them, they can spend more time closing, and less time cold-calling unproductively.

We can qualify thousands of new prospects for distribution into your direct sales or reseller channels even when the service is technically complex or involves a lengthy sales cycle. Lease A Sales Rep can qualify prospects right up to the product demonstration or proposal stage. These programs start at $3000 per month depending on whether we are generating the leads or you provide them to us. Call us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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