We develop customized sales outsourcing solutions incorporating strategic analysis, sales & support services combined with current insights in prospecting and field strategies. Our inside and outside contract sales teams help you hit your targets.




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Ready to grow your business? Our top-producing, award-winning sales staff are ready
Want to grow your business fast and save time?
Ready to grow your business? Our top-producing, award-winning sales staff are ready to help.
inside and outside sales + quality leads + appointments = more closed deals
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Large Enterprises

Our large clients have more than 100 million dollars in sales, multiple offices, multiple product sales teams and mature services or products. Large enterprises typically have high costs, complex products with a longer sales cycles. There are multiple influencers and decision makers that need to be reached in order to close a sale.

Professional’s World establishes frequent meetings with varying levels of management to secure sales. Each of our clients need more than traditional telemarketing services. They need full-service solutions designed to save them time and grow their businesses. The good news is – that’s exactly what we do. We combine cutting-edge inside sales tactics like targeted telemarketing and grab-your-attention email campaigns with an industry leading outside sales staff to deliver unparalleled results. The bottom line is we know growth and don’t shy away from hard jobs.

We help large enterprises by providing end-to-end, turn-key outsourced sales solutions. By combining services like telemarketing with proven outside sales staff, we grow complex firms quicker than they can grow themselves. We identify prospects, qualify leads, set appointments and demos, lead each meeting and close the sale. Choosing Lease a Sales Rep means great results sure but consider the time savings. No need to recruit and train quickly. No need to worry about poorly prepared sales staff. Our telemarketing, inside teams and outside sales staff are great at adapting to your environment. We hire only the best to ensure when you call we’re more than ready to deliver. Sales is what each of us was born to do. And we’re very good at it. Why settle for firms that just offer a service or two? At Professional’s World, we offer everything you need to grow your business from telemarketing through face-to-face closing of sales.

Our end-to-end solution is used by enterprise clients that need to continue to grow across the U.S. while controlling head count and overhead. We offer our local branch locations and nationwide sales footprint as “leased” infrastructure to you and your business. After key sales are closed in multiple target markets, our clients open offices and hire internal sales staff. Even so they still continue to use our outsourced sales service offerings, like lead generation and telemarketing, to feed their recently hired sales teams to maintain momentum and keep the funnel full.

If you have a minimum marketing budget of approximately $40,000 to be invested over 4 months, our large enterprise package is for you.

If you need additional outsourced sales services we can:

  • set up a local branch in any state
  • provide account management for closed sales
marketing analysis
business innovation
finance strategy

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