We develop customized sales outsourcing solutions incorporating strategic analysis, sales & support services combined with current insights in prospecting and field strategies. Our inside and outside contract sales teams help you hit your targets.




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Ready to grow your business? Our top-producing, award-winning sales staff are ready
Want to grow your business fast and save time?
Ready to grow your business? Our top-producing, award-winning sales staff are ready to help.
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International Companies expanding into the U.S.

Many international companies have a desire or need to grow in the U.S. but often face challenges in their expansion plans.

Quite often the challenge is locating sales reps to sell their product or services and identifying partners or distributors for their products or services. Many are just fearful or unaware of how to start the process and what U.S. states to start selling in.

Our U.S. based sales organization is perfect for those businesses that are unsure of where to start and face challenges in navigating U.S. business requirements, negotiating with customers or securing orders and delivery of their services or products.

Our company can provide you with a U.S. based sales presence with experienced sales reps and provide your company with legitimacy in the U.S.

Lease A Sales Rep can help you secure new clients, distributors and partners for your company using our international sales outsourcing programs.

We will provide a professional and polished image to your potential clients as well hit the ground running with our outside and inside sales teams.

How are we paid?

We don’t work on a commission only or pay per sale basis.

We typically have an agreement that requires a monthly investment with our clients that may also include commission. Our fees vary, based on the sales functions we are performing for you.

U.S. Based companies expanding internationally

We help U.S. based companies expand internationally by serving as their international sales force. We help companies identify potential clients, close sales on their behalf and help to identify distributors, re-sellers and channel partners.

We are your contracted sales force overseas, using local talent to help you sell your products and services.

We also assist in navigating the contracting process for your products or services and work with government entities to ensure compliance when shipping products to your country of choice.

Give us a call or complete the form to discuss you needs.

We look forward to helping you expand in the U.S. or internationally.

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