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Ready to grow your business? Our top-producing, award-winning sales staff are ready
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Ready to grow your business? Our top-producing, award-winning sales staff are ready to help.
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    Health Care

    Our organization was founded in the health care industry. As the health care delivery system continues to change through mergers and acquisitions and the development of new products and services to meet patient needs, we have chosen to work with and develop strategic partnerships/relationships with health care institutions (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living) and community based points of care (medical practices, FQHC’s, urgent care, pharmacies and

    home care agencies) to offer solutions, products and services. In doing so, we have set a new standard in the marketplace for sales outsourcing services focused on the health care vertical. Our sales outsourcing services include a number of tactics and strategies built from intimate knowledge of the industry, lessons learned during initial roll-out, and our decades of combined sales experience.

    Our main goal is to integrate these new technology solutions, products and services into community-based physician practices, large healthcare facilities and various healthcare access points in multiple markets across the U.S.

    Our approach in selling solutions and products to medical providers is to perform sales calls, on-site appointments and outside sales visits. We provide our clients with turnkey-full cycle sales outsourcing services. This methodology aligns with our goals to increase the coordination of care though the tracking of medical visits across networks (software sales, IT, telemedicine) with the integration of products and services (medical devices, software/hardware, business solutions) that all assist in driving down the cost of healthcare while increasing the quality of care delivered with better outcomes.

    Many opportunities exists for companies that sell into the health care vertical as a result of various mergers and acquisitions within the industry. As reimbursement for services and products continue to tighten, many providers of care are merging to increase economies of scale Mergers and Acquisitions in Health Care.

    Hospital are acquiring each other. Some are acquiring home health agencies. Insurance providers are acquiring medical practices. Pharmacies are acquiring direct care providers. This is all done with the hope of controlling costs and providing better care at different access points for the patient or the insured consumer.

    This opens a door of opportunity for vendors that currently sell into the health care space to expand or for those seeking entry to gain an access point. As this vertical is seeking solutions, products and services that can be delivered across a diversified network with ease and speed.

    Given the focus on cost containment as evidenced by current merger and acquisition activity, vendors that can demonstrate their solutions, products and services will assist in streamlining operations, enhancing care delivery and securing patient and staff engagement you will find a receptive audience along with the funding for your solution.

    Here is more information on how we can help you.

    Health Care Sales Program

    We can deploy our experienced sales teams that have relationships with healthcare providers, vendors and institutions across multiple access points in the U.S. to sell on your behalf. We can:

    • Pre-qualify prospects
    • Set guaranteed appointments with interested decision makers
    • Perform face to face visits with prospects to introduce products or services
    • Close sales across the U.S. on your behalf
    • Arrange demos of your software solution. In-person or via a web-demo
    • Secure signed agreements for your solutions/products and you execute
    • Set up meetings for you, you present your service/product and we close the sale
    • On a case by case basis, we can partner with you as your sales team at no cost to you for an equity stake

    We are experts in the healthcare space and can help you meet your sales goals and growth requirements. Call us to discuss your needs and how we can help!

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